Moovment: Ungrown (Coming Soon)

1 Here and there we keep clashing Right and left, wavering from the resolutions

Hear it all behind the silence Rummage through all the voices against the walls

No one knows No one knows Where this will lead or that will end

But we know Cuz we know That you could never leave the light So bright

With all the spaces we fill in life Only you can change, change your eyes

Over and over we go, gone through the same Break the circles Before we go too far

Over and over we grow, grow to be weak Fight the innocence Before we fall undone

2 Here and now, we can save minds Throw away all the ignorance that's sown

So easily we'd be caught up Swallowed by all the qualms behind the conscience

We'll never know Never know If this was right or that was wrong

But we know Now we know That we can always start again and begin

Of all the excuses we make in life Don't underestimate what we hold

Over and over we grow, grow to be weak Fight the war inside Before we go astray

Over and over we try, try to fulfill Breathe tomorrow Till we reach miles away

Lyrics written by MIWA