06R 5/5のDJミックス

5月5日、 Pineapple Digital主催のイベントMelodic Progression Japan Vol.2で久しぶりのDJをやってきました。このとき実際に流した曲をもとに、再現ミックスを録音したので当日来れなかった方も来ていただいた方も聞いてみてください。

1: The Space Between Us

by Dominik Eulberg, Gabriel Ananda

2: White Letters

by ATB feat. Melissa Loretta

3: Full Moon

by P.SUS

4: Climb to the Sun (Darlyn Vlys Dub Mix)

by Third Son feat. Haptic

5: Back to Asia

by Anlaya Project

6: Cosmos

by Sam Davies

7: Still Holding On

by Conjure One, Aruna

8: Lifecycle

by Forerunners

9: You Know (Stephen J. Kroos Remix)

by Satoshi Fumi, Aelyn

10: Last Days of Blue (eleven.five Remix)

by Moodfreak

11: Something Useful (Lesh Remix)

by Phrakture & Maria Carmela

12: Love Waits (Matt Darey & Philip Aniskin Remix)

by Ahmet Atasever feat. Amy Kirkpatrick

13: Moovment 02

by 06R, Sen-on

14: Brave For Me (LTN Sunrise Extended Remix)

by Conjure One feat. Jeza

15: Lift

by Blood Groove & Kikis

16: Skylarking

by BT

17: Moovment 06

by 06R, Sen-on

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